Version 3.3 (23 Jan 2012)

  • Added support of MP2, a-Law and SHN formats
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

Version 3.2.5 (24 June 2011)

  • Digital signature has been updated
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

Version 3.2.2 (28 April 2011)

  • Transferring of some tag fields has been corrected
  • Added checking for latest updates
  • Some minor improvements

Version 2.8 (03 April 2010)

  • Implemented latest audio codecs
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.0 (16 April 2007)

  • Added support of wide range of input audio formats (like mpeg, au, aiff, aac, m4a, m4b, mp4, vqf, ra, rm, snd, aif, fla, ac3)
  • User interface redesigned to simplify conversion process
  • The latest MP3 engine is implemented
  • Added support of Windows Media Player (*.wpl) playlists

Version 1.6 (29 November 2005)

  • Fixed problem with generation of output filename (if there was more the one dot in the input filename)
  • Fixed problem with locking of input folder (folder of input file was locked after the program had been started)
  • Fixed problem with stopping of conversion process
  • Fixed problem with hanging of conversion process (if there was the normalization enabled)
  • Fixed problem with correct detection of DRM-protected WMA files
  • If there was a mistake and the input file was the last in batch, you will not be asked to continue conversion
  • In case of error of the conversion process the newly created output path will be removed (output file will be deleted too)

Version 1.55 (03 December 2004)

  • Optimized adding of file(s) to batch from context menu of explorer
  • Implemented the latest MP3 encoder
  • Implemented the latest OGG decoder
  • Some bugfixes

Version 1.5 (22 August 2004)

  • Added support for FLAC audio format
  • Fixed error in normalization algorithm
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 1.4 (21 April 2004)

  • Normalization is improved
  • Added "Overwrite existing tag" to the "Extraction tag from filename" dialog
  • Bug with writing MP3 and OGG tags is fixed
  • Bug with adding to playlist is fixed

Version 1.34 (27 January 2004)

  • Fixed some bugs in WMA engine
  • New version of lame mp3 encoder is implemented (version 3.95)

Version 1.33 (12 January 2004)

  • Improved reading of ID3 tags
  • Problem with deletion of source file(s) is fixed

Version 1.25 (14 August 2003)

  • Added generation of output filename by full of source file. Now you can convert with saving the folder structure
  • Bug with decoding of WMA files is fixed.
  • Bug with writing ID3 tag is fixed
  • Little bug fixes

Version 1.2 (13 May 2003)

  • Added support of WMA9
  • Added ripping of Audio CD disks support
  • Fixed bug with reading of Track Number in WMA files
  • Some little bugs fixes

Version 1.1 (21 January 2003)

  • Normalization is added
  • Fixed conversion to mono mp3
  • Minor interface changes & little bug fixes

Version 1.0 (21 October 2002)

  • Added help system
  • If the output folder does not exist, it is created automatically
  • A huge memory leak is fixed

Version 0.96 (30 September 2002)

  • Support of lossless MonkeysAudio (APE) format is added
  • Fxed bug with conversion to MP3 (sometimes size of output file was 0)

Version 0.95 (24 August 2002)

  • Initial release