Version 2.0 (18 April 2007)

  • Interface is slightly redesigned
  • Added filter of input audio file(s) by date
  • Added support of newest audio codecs
  • Added support of Windows Media Playlists (wpl)
  • Conversion process is improved
  • Some bugfixes

Version 1.8 (28 April 2005)

  • Added support of FLAC (free lossless audio) format
  • Added normalization
  • Added resampling of samplerate for all formats
  • The latest version of ogg encoder/decoder is implemented
  • Writing of tags is improved
  • Batch mode is optimized
  • Some bugfixes

Version 1.65 (24 November 2003)

  • French language is added
  • Sorting of batch by filename, bitrate, samplerate, channels is added
  • Bug with extraction of tags from filename is fixed
  • Fixed bug with selecting file in the single mode and adding file in the batch mode

Version 1.6 (14 August 2003)

  • Player of selected file in single mode is improved
  • Added information about selected file in single mode
  • Displaying of info about selected file(s) have been added
  • Improved the decoding of WMA files
  • System of localization have been rewtitten
  • Minor interface changed

Version 1.55 (14 August 2003)

  • Added generation of output filename by full of source file. Now you can convert with saving the folder structure
  • Bug with decoding of WMA files is fixed.
  • Bug with writing ID3 tag is fixed
  • Little bugfixes

Version 1.5 (10 June 2003)

  • Added support of WMA9
  • Added testing of output file before deleting the source file
  • Added Spanish language
  • Added Hungarian language
  • Fixed problem with writing Track Number for WMA format
  • Minor interface changes

Version 1.45 (31 January 2003)

  • Problem with encoding to mono MP3 is fixed
  • Portuguese language is added
  • Dutch language is added
  • Greek language is added
  • Norwegian language is added
  • Turkish language is added
  • Little bugfixs

Version 1.4 (20 July 2002)

  • LAME 3.92 with ABR support included
  • Added "use recent settings" feature (now most of settings saves for further usage as default)
  • Added Czech and Norwegian languages.
  • Some little bugfixes

Version 1.35 (11 May 2002)

  • German language is added
  • Italian language is added
  • Extraction of tag's information from filename is added
  • Conversion from 8-bit WAVE format is fixed
  • Some little bugfixes

Version 1.31 (23 April 2002)

  • Multi language support is added (If you can help us translate Audio Conversion Wizard to your language - just contact us. In return you will get a free registration for Audio Conversion Wizard)
  • Bug with naming by album and track info is fixed
  • Fixed bug with reading of WMA genre
  • Sonme little bugfixes

Version 1.3 (28 March 2002)

  • Bug with ogg bitrate settings is fixed, now you can easily set bitrate as "quality" value from 0(low) to 10(high)
  • Log of conversion is added
  • Now you may convert incompleted files
  • Some minor bugfixs

Version 1.25 (22 January 2002)

  • LAME version 3.91 implemented, it adds speed and quality to mp3 encoding.
  • Vorbis SDK 1.0 RC3 is implemented
  • Fixed bug with ID3 Tag v2 and Xing VBR header in mp3 files with variable bitrate.
  • Some bugfixes and minor interface changes

Version 1.2 (16 December 2001)

  • Player for single mode is added (now you may listen file before conversion)
  • Now you may specify the nonexistent output folder and it will be created during the conversion
  • Some little bugfix

Version 1.15 (22 November 2001)

  • Vorbis SDK 1.0 RC2 is implemented
  • Some problems with tagging of OGG files on bitrates higher than 128 are solved
  • Fixed bug in WMA decoding engine and conversion from WMA to any other format becomes more stable
  • Fixed bug with setting up of behaviour of the program at end of conversion
  • Some little bugfixes and minor interface changes

Version 1.1 (26 October 2001)

  • Added default values of ID3Tag (now you may enter value of common ID3Tags once and then use it)
  • Now you may add converted files to WinAmp playlist
  • Added generation of name of output files from information about song
  • Bug with writing ID3Tags is fixed
  • Bug with saving default settings is fixed
  • Some minor interface changes and bugfixes

Version 1.01 (5 October 2001)

  • Now track number for WMA ID3Tag are saved as digit and string
  • Speed of MP3 decoding is improved (bug with using of lame decoder is fixed)
  • Some minor interfaces changes and little bugfixes

Version 1.0 (26 September 2001)

  • Now you may add files for convertion from WinAmp playlists
  • In the batch page you may select/remove files using Ctrl-A/Del
  • Last selected folder are saved now for future use
  • Some little bufixes and minor interface changes

Version 0.99 (13 September 2001)

  • Support of LAME encoder 3.89beta version added
  • Bug with 64kbps bitrate when creating MP3 files is fixed
  • WindowsXP interface style is now supported
  • Some minor bugfixes

Version 0.97 (29 August 2001)

  • Default options are added ("Defaults" button on first dialog)
  • Added checkbox allowing to disable ID3 Tag in target file
  • Bug with 'Copyright' ID3v2 field in WMA files is fixed, now this field can be successfully stored in final WMA file
  • Bug with strange numbers appearing in 'Track #' ID3v2 field in WMA files is fixed
  • A lot of little interface improvements and minor bugfixes

Version 0.96 (18 August 2001)

  • Bug with converting all formats to MP3 is fixed
  • Some little bugs fixed.

Version 0.95 (1 August 2001)

  • Initial release