Version 2.0 (25 March 2011)

  • Changed license type to freeware
  • Minor interface changes

Version 1.7 (27 October 2004)

  • Added support for FLAC format
  • Implemented selection of OGG encoding (ABR-based or quality-based)
  • Implemented the latest OGG encoder
  • Added changing of samplerate in setting of all format
  • Some bugfixes

Version 1.6 (22 January 2004)

  • Normalization is improved
  • Added selection of compression level for APE format
  • Latest versions of APE and OGG encoders are implemented
  • Fixed problem with writing tags for MP3 format
  • Some little bugs fixed

Version 1.53 (27 January 2004)

  • Fixed bug with starting of ripping process
  • Bug with OGG encoder is fixed
  • New version of lame mp3 encoder is implemented (version 3.95)

Version 1.5 (29 May 2003)

  • Added support of WMA 9
  • Fixed problem with writing Track Number for WMA format
  • Minor interface changes

Version 1.45 (13 November 2002)

  • Added mixed mode (when authors of songs on disk are different)
  • Now you may edit title of song and artist on the main window by double click
  • Implemented lame encoder v3.92
  • Small interface changes

Version 1.4 (26 September 2002)

  • Added proxy authorization
  • Added detection of proxy from browser
  • Added normalization
  • Added "mark/unmark all tracks" buttons
  • Added feature of marking all tracks and getting CDDB info automatically for new disk
  • Added ripping speed displaying
  • Bug with changing track's tag info is fixed
  • Some minor bugfixes and little interface changes

Version 1.3 (24 April 2002)

  • Added local CDDB support (you may save disk's info to local CDDB and load from it)
  • Added "Rip disk as album" function (it allows to rip some songs or whole CD to one file)
  • Working with CDDB via Internet is improved
  • Log of ripping is added.
  • "Apply change to all tracks" option in the "Settings" dialog is added
  • Some little bugfixes and minor interface changes.

Version 1.2 (03 February 2002)

  • Player is added
  • Added 'Grab Multi CD's'. It's useful if you want to rip a lot of disks
  • Added generation of new name of output file if it already exist
  • LAME version 3.91 implemented, it adds speed and quality to mp3 encoding.
  • Vorbis SDK 1.0 RC3 is implemented
  • Fixed bug with ID3 Tag v2 and Xing VBR header in mp3 files with variable bitrate.
  • Some little bugfixes.

Version 1.15 (29 November 2001)

  • "Eject disk after completion" is added
  • Now you may rip to lossless MonkeysAudio format (APE)
  • Bug with ripping to MP3 if fixed
  • Some little bugfixes

Version 1.1 (14 November 2001)

  • Vorbis SDK 1.0 RC2 is implemented
  • Some problems with tagging of OGG files on bitrates higher than 128 are solved
  • Fixed bug in WMA decoding engine and conversion from WMA to any other format becomes more stable
  • Now you may cut out piece of beginning or end of the track
  • Feature of ripping to memory is added (rip to memory with maximal speed and encode to selected format concurrently)
  • Problem with installation of ASPI driver is fixed
  • Some little bugfixes and minor interface changes

Version 1.0 (3 November 2001)

  • Auto detection of Audio CD on startup is added
  • Overall progress bar is added
  • Added drop-down-menu when clicking right on a track
  • Added context oriented help
  • Bug with saving additional information is fixed
  • Some little bugfixes and minor interface changes

Version 0.96 (16 October 2001)

  • Added jitter correction
  • Added Winamp playlist support (now you may add ripped songs to playlist)
  • Bug with output file naming is fixed
  • Some little bug fixes and minor interface changes

Version 0.95 (9 October 2001)

  • Initial release