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Refund Policy

General terms

We at Litexmedia, Inc. want you, our customers, to be satisfied with our software and services. To ensure this, we provide evaluation versions of our software. Our engineers provide support at no charge to you during evaluation period. And if you discover, that our product doesn't satisfy your needs, after you placed an order and purchased a license, - your order can be refunded.

Which orders are refunded

The orders for end-user software offered by Litexmedia, Inc. These orders are refunded with no questions asked, if the refund request is placed within 30 days from the date when the order was processed by order processing company. After this period the refund requests are subject to review on a case by case basis.

Which orders are not refunded

The customers who violated the terms of the license agreement, if such violation has lead to cancellation of the license, lose the right to request the refund.

What amount is refunded

Regardless of payment method, the amount is refunded in full including shipping cost (when physical media is shipped). We will also refund shipping cost in case, if the return is the result of our error (duplicate or inaccurate order processing).

How to request refund

  1. Fill in, print, sign and send us the Refund Agreement. The paper should be sent either by post mail. No, we don't accept scanned images and e-mails because paper copy of Refund Agreement is necessary for accounting and audit purposes.
  2. Fill in and submit the online Refund Request form. If submission fails, please send the information by e-mail to

The date of refund request submission is the earlier of submission dates of the above documents. The actual refund is performed when the both Refund Request and Refund Agreement paper are received.

Refund Agreement should be sent to

Konstantin Vorobyov

20 let RKKA 10-56

644001, Omsk, Russia

Supplementary terms

This policy is a part of agreement, concluded between you and Litexmedia, Inc. when you purchase a license for Litexmedia, Inc. product. This policy may be changed at any moment without any prior warning. The changes affect only orders, placed after the date when the order was placed. All orders, which were placed before or on the date, when the changes were made, are regulated by the terms, which existed at the moment of purchase.

Refund Request form (all fields are required):

Chose the name of product:
Please specify the reason for refund request here:
Specify your e-mail address here:
and your name here:

09/19/2012 NEW!
YouTube Video Grabber 1.9.8 released
YouTube Video Grabber 1.9 released
Advanced WMA Workshop 2.7 released
Advanced WMA Workshop 2.6 released
Advanced WMA Workshop 2.5 released
Advanced WMA Workshop 2.4.3 released
YouTube Video Grabber 1.8 released
Advanced WMA Workshop 2.4 released
YouTube Video Grabber 1.7 released
YouTube Video Grabber 0.97 released
YouTube Video Grabber 0.95 released
Advanced WMA Workshop 2.3 released
Audio Conversion Wizard 2.0 released
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