Version 2.7 (17 August 2010)

  • full unicode support
  • UTF-8 encoded m3u playlists are supported
  • UTF-8 encoded tags are supported now
  • added auto-check for software updates

Version 2.6.3 (22 July 2010)

  • interface for setting up options related to m3u winamp playlists is slightly changed (Options - Encode and Options - CD Audio)
  • fixed few bugs related to m3u playlists, now m3u lists should be supported correctly
  • fixed bug causing batch processing to hang with [Options|Batch|Immediately remove successfully completed tasks from batch queue] option being checked
  • fixed bug related to [Options|Batch|Play sound when batch processing is finished] option, now should work as intended
  • few minor bugfixes

Version 2.6.2 (9 July 2010)

  • fixed bug causing to fail conversions to AAC format and tag changes of m4a files on restricted user accounts
  • fixed bug causing application to crush, when number of concurrently running batch tasks was being changed to value greater than one that was set on application start
  • some minor interface improvements

Version 2.6.1 (2 July 2010)

  • few options added to Batch Queue settings, now you can set number of concurrently running tasks to control batch processing performance
  • fixed bug with shell extension causing application to crush when you try to add files or folders with full path containing improper symbols (usually happens with broken or foreign (like HFS) file systems)

Version 2.6 (16 June 2010)

  • implemented multi-tasking batch conversion to improve perfomance on computers with multiple processors or multiple cores of single processor
  • added shell extension (adding files to Batch Queue from MS Explorer’s context menu ) for x64 platforms
  • some minor interface improvements
  • some minor bugs fixed

Version 2.5 (18 May 2010)

  • application now supports conversion from AAC format (.aac m4a m4b mp4 files) to all other supported formats
  • application now also converts from all previously supported audio formats to AAC(M4A)
  • few minor bugfixes

Version 2.4.3 (13 April 2010)

  • application now should work properly with standard (restricted) user accounts in Windows Vista/7
  • fixed bug when application crashes while performing batch conversion and skipping already converted files
  • compressed WAV files now can be properly decoded (with system codecs)
  • few minor bugfixes

Version 2.4 (25 March 2010)

  • APE (Monkey's Audio) codecs are updated
  • FLAC codecs are updated to 1.2.1
  • OGG Vorbis codecs are updated
  • LAME 3.98.2 support added
  • fixed major memory leak in FLAC codecs
  • few bufixes, application works now in Windows 7

Version 2.3 (20 April 2007)

  • FLAC codecs v1.1.4 are implemented
  • Code reworked to be compatible with Windows Vista
  • LAME 3.97 support added
  • Default settings for CDDB changed, added "reset to default" button
  • Now you can rename files and folders in FileList using F2 keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed major memory leak in FLAC codecs
  • Fixed issue making AWMAW unable to read nonstring value of WM/TrackNumber field in wma files
  • Fixed bug blocking AWMAW from creating one symbol long name ouput folders in root folder of disk
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Version 2.2 (11 October 2006)

  • Status bar for Batch Queue added
  • Last versions of OGG Vorbis codecs are implemented
  • WPL playlist support added
  • Drag and Drop, Copy/Paste from MS Explorer are supported now
  • Shell extension for adding files to Batch Queue from MS Explorer's context menu implemented
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for playing file in File List
  • APE format support added
  • FLAC format support added
  • A lot of interface improvements/bugfixes

Version 2.1 (August 2005)

  • Minor interface improvements in Batch Queue and File List (color items)
  • Some bugfixes and interface improvements in File List player
  • Fixed bug with causing application crush in Windows 98SE when converting to non-CBR WMA format
  • USB CD/DVD drives support added
  • 8bit WAV PCM files support added
  • "genre" tag field now supported as a string type, index value of "genre" tag used when string value isn't available
  • "End time" column in Batch Queue replaced with "Elapsed time" column
  • Implemented status dialog on adding files to Batch Queue
  • Fixed problem with big pause between end of current task processing and start of next task processing in case of large amount of files in Batch Queue
  • Fixed bug in id3lib.dll crushing application on mp3 files with broken tag info
  • Fixed bug with filename generation using values of empty tag fields
  • Help buttons are added to application dialogs
  • Fixed problem with Drag'n'Drop from File List to Batch Queue in Windows 9x, Windows ME.
  • Performance on writing WMA tags increased
  • Some interface bugs in Batch Queue are fixed
  • A lot of minor bugfixes and interface improvements
  • Event logging and automatic bug-report generation are implemented
  • Now you can set quality of OGG encoding as average bit rate or as quality
  • Major changes in encoding/decoding engine
  • Normalizing feature now works correctly
  • Fixed some bugs with M3U playlists
  • OGG Vorbis 1.01 implemented, 8000Hz-32000Hz sample rates support for OGG format added
  • Added 2-pass CBR Windows Media Audio codec support
  • Fixed bug "Unable to launch the URL(Err=0x00000005)" in decoding of WMA files
  • Fixed bug with canceling of ripping and playing CD audio
  • Fixed bug with file renaming in File View, now keyboard shortcuts ("Del" key for file removing and "Enter" key for adding to Batch Queue and changing current folder works correctly
  • Fixed bug with conversion to OGG format(now files are converted wholly, without cutting off last 2-3 seconds
  • Fixed bug with decoding of huge WMA files (100Mb and greater)
  • Fixed bug with DRM protected files, now AWMAW tells you that WMA file is DRM-protected without freezing in background or totally crushing
  • Fixed bug with conversion audio file to output file with same name and path
  • Fixed bug with nag-screen in unregistered version (nag-screen now appears only one time when you add folder with subfolders into Batch Queue)
  • Fixed bug with duplicate folders appearing in time of batch conversion
  • Fixed bug with tag editor (now you can safely edit tag info in WMA files when converting WMA to another format in batch mode)
  • Some speed targeted code optimization
  • Fixed interface bug with MP3 to WAV conversion (now "Stereo" mode is correctly displayed when converting 2-channel mp3 file to WAV PCM)
  • Now you can update tag information in read-only files (new option added to "General" section of application settings)
  • Some stability targeted modifications in batch-conversion engine
  • Column headers in File List and Batch Queue are correctly displayed in Windows XP

Version 2.01 (14 October 2003)

  • Fixed bug with "genre" and "track number" tags in WMA format, now Advanced WMA Workshop write and read these tags correctly.
  • Fixed bug with default output formats in general settings
  • Fixed some bugs which caused memory leaks and overall encoding process instability in batch mode
  • Interface bugs with "Immediately remove..." and "Play sound.." are fixed, now these options are completely functional. Batch option "Ask for format settings..." have been removed.
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Version 2.0 (16 August 2003)

  • Added global option for deleting source audio file after conversion
  • Some additional templates for output filename generation are implemented: source filename, subfolders from full path of source file.
  • Some minor interface changes
  • Fixed annoying bug in WMA decoder engine
  • In MP3 to OGG conversion fixed bug with channel mode identification in source MP3 file
  • Fixed some interface bugs with progresses in Batch Queue
  • Fixed interface bug in WMA format settings dialog, (now settings of quality based VBR format are displayed correctly)
  • Fixed bug with "something" to WAV conversion when output filename generation template is used.
  • Fixed some bugs with drag'n'drop to Batch Queue
  • A lot of minor code changes

Version 2.0b (6 May 2003)

  • Most of the program's code completely rewritten.
  • Added support of WMA 9 codecs: CBR, quality based VBR, two-pass VBR and WMA Lossless formats.
  • Now you can convert CDA to all supported formats (WMA 9, OGG Vorbis, MP3, WAV PCM) and convert digital audio of supported formats from one to another (all-to-all).
  • Major changes in user interface (toolbars are redesigned, Batch Queue is completely redesigned, program settings are restructured, new program menu style implemented, and many other...)
  • Batch Queue processing becomes more effective due to major changes in batch engine, now you can navigate through your files, edit Tag information of your digital audio, perform other actions when Batch Queue is processed
  • Implemented long-awaited feature: now you can change task information(format settings, ID3 Tag information) for several selected tasks
  • A lot of minor features and interface changes

Version 1.81 (14 January 2003)

  • Fixed bugs with MP3 encoding engine
  • LAME version 3.93 implemented, it adds speed and quality to mp3 encoding.
  • Some interface improvements

Version 1.8 (27 November 2002)

  • CD ripping engine updated
  • CDDB engine updated
  • Added normalization in ripping mode
  • Added support for local CDDB
  • Added proxy authorization
  • Added "rip to memory" option
  • Fixed bug with "Load from source" button.
  • Fixed tab order in some dialogs
  • Some interface improvements

Version 1.76 (21 October 2002)

  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Version 1.75 (15 October 2002)

  • Huge memory leak fixed
  • Full Drag and drop support
  • Some interface improvements
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Version 1.7 (19 September 2002)

  • OGG 1.0 support included in this version
  • M3U Winamp playlist support implemented (adding to Batch from playlists, adding converted files to playlist)
  • CD drive auto-update implemented (update File List on insert/remove CD disc)
  • Fixed bug with playing media files (sometimes AWMAW crushes when you pressing "stop" button)
  • Fixed some bugs with File List update
  • Fixed bug with changing task's output format from WMA,MP3 or OGG with enabled ID3Tag to WAV PCM (AWMAW crushes in the end of conversion)

Version 1.61 (22 August 2002)

  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Some errors in batch mode are fixed
  • Some interface improvements
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Version 1.6 (10 June 2002)

  • LAME 3.92 with ABR support included
  • Some bugs with filename generation from ID Tags are fixed
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Version 1.58 (23 March 2002)

  • Navigation in File List becomes more handy, some bugs here are fixed
  • Bug with OGG RC3 tags saving fixed
  • Some bugs with saving Batch Queue are fixed (this bugfix mainly related to cd-ripping with batch and saving ID3Tag track number)
  • Now you can run task properties dialog in Batch Queue simply double-clicking on task.
  • Bug with ogg bitrate settings is fixed, now you can easily set bitrate as "quality" value from 0(low) to 10(high)
  • Bug with updating files in File List is fixed
  • Some annoying bugs with "Play" command are fixed

Version 1.56b (11 March 2002)

  • Bug with splash-screen when application starting first time fixed
  • Some bugs with mp3 encoding are fixed

Version 1.55 (20 January 2002)

  • Play button added to main toolbar, now you can listen quickly your WMA, MP3, OGG, WAV files and audio tracks before conversion.
  • LAME version 3.91 implemented, it adds speed and quality to mp3 encoding.
  • Vorbis SDK 1.0 RC3 is implemented
  • Fixed bug with ID3 Tag v2 and Xing VBR header in mp3 files with variable bitrate.
  • Some minor code optimizations and bugfixes

Version 1.51 (14 November 2001)

  • Vorbis SDK 1.0 RC2 is implemented
  • Some problems with tagging of OGG files on bitrates higher than 128 are solved
  • Fixed bug in WMA decoding engine and conversion from WMA to any other format becomes more stable
  • Some interface bugs in "Edit ID3 Tag" dialog are fixed
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Version 1.5 (22 October 2001)

  • CD ripping directly to WMA 8 format added
  • Jitter correction feature added
  • CDDB support added
  • Output filename generation from Tag fields using template
  • Windows XP interface style is now supported
  • Help system updated
  • Some little interface changes
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Version 1.49 (4 October 2001)

  • Bug with WMA Tags when using multiple tag edition (no garbage in tag fields) is fixed
  • Bug with "Delete source file after processing" format option is fixed, now corresponding option in format's conversion dialog and in Batch Queue is turning on/off correctly
  • Some bugs with Tags when transcoding WMA to MP3 or resampling WMA files are fixed
  • Some interface changes and bugfixes

Version 1.47 (27 August 2001)

  • Play sound on finishing of batch processing feature added
  • Fixed security bug with DRM-protected files
  • Some minor interface changes and bugfixes

Version 1.45 (21 August 2001)

  • Multi-file tag edition feature added
  • Now you can change priority of conversion process
  • Splash screen added
  • Some bugs with output folder option are fixed
  • Bug with crushing Advanced WMA Workshop when path of output file isn't exists is fixed
  • Some bugs with saving Batch Queue on exit are fixed, now Track Number, Copyright and URL fields of tag and Enable DRM option for WMA encoding in batch tasks are saved correctly
  • Bug when trying to add WMA to WAV task to Batch Queue, but instead of it MP3 to WMA is added is fixed
  • Some minor interface changes and bugfixes

Version 1.4 (25 July 2001)

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology support included
  • WMA files resampling is supported now
  • Now you can set default output directory for converted audio files
  • Now our help system is context oriented.
  • Major interface changes
  • Some little bugfixes

Version 1.35 (14 July 2001)

  • Error with "General failure in WMA encoder module. Error code: 16" message, when decoding protected WMA files fixed
  • Xaudio library applied to decode mp3 files
  • "Select All" feature in File List and Batch Queue added
  • Sizes of columns in File List and in Batch Queue are saved now on exit
  • Fixed bug with appeared when canceling WMA to MP3 conversion
  • Fixed some bugs with reading ID3v2 Tag from WMA files
  • Some minor interface changes

Version 1.3 (09 July 2001)

  • ID3v2 support added.
  • Optional using 3.89beta version of LAME encoder added.
  • Now sizes of Tree View, List View and Basket Queue panes are saved on exit.
  • Fixed bug with "Ask for encode/decode settings when adding task to batch queue" setting in batch options dialog, now it works again.
  • Fixed interface bug with WMA settings (samplerate,bitrate,channels), now all settings satisfy format restrictions.

Version 1.2 (23 June 2001)

  • OGG format support added. Now you can convert your WMA files to OGG Vorbis format
  • Bug with VBR quality and MPEG quality in MP3 settings fixed.
  • Help system updated.
  • Some bugs with task properties in Batch Queue fixed.

Version 1.11 (15 June 2001)

  • Bug with openining WAV PCM fomat files with long filename is fixed.
  • Bugs with files opened with another process are fixed.
  • Some bugs in error messaging are fixed.
  • Some minor interface bugs are fixed.

Version 1.1 (11 June 2001)

  • Help system updated
  • Minor interface bugs fixed
  • Now files are not reversed when adding to batch
  • Some annoyed bugs fixed

Version 1.09b (09 June 2001)

  • WMA to MP3 conversion using LAME 3.70 encoder added
  • Encode/decode dialogs and settings dialogs modified
  • Encode/decode engine revised, optimized for speed and stability
  • Some changes in interface: dialog bar added, toolbar is slightly modified
  • A lot of little interface changes
  • Tons of minor bugfixes

Version 1.01 (23 May 2001)

  • WMA 8 support added. Now you can convert your audio files to WMA 8 and decode WMA 8 to WAV PCM.
  • Bitrate/samplerate/channels combinations are changed to satisfy WMA 8.
  • Some minor interface improvements.

Version 1.0 (18 May 2001)

  • Batch toolbar added
  • Now you can procees and delete selected tasks in Batch Queue only
  • Now you can rearrange tasks in Batch Queue moving them up and down
  • Main toolbar slightly changed
  • Now you can add directories to Batch Queue (with recursive scanning optionally)
  • Interface settings are restored/saved on start/exit
  • Some interface bugs with flicking are fixed
  • Bug with expiratinon dialog fixed

Version 0.97 (12 May 2001)

  • Illustrated html-help added
  • Bug with canceling "mp3 to wma" or "mp3 to wav" processing on Win98/Me platform (with "unnamed file not found" dialog) fixed.
  • Some bugs with File List content updating are fixed.
  • Now window size and position are saved now on exit.
  • Status bar now shows information about selected files in File List
  • Some minor interface changes and bugfixes